Jesse Safier
van der Horst

"Do what you love"

My name is Jesse Safier van der Horst. I am an 18 years old contemporary Artist from the Netherlands. Since I was a little kid I was always painting, especially with my mother and grandmother. My mother archived hunderds of my paintings over the years and everywhere in my parental house you can find my art. Even when I was little, I never painted  standard things like what you learn at school. As from the beginning I had my own style, a kind of abstract doodle style which I still have.
I was also inspired a lot by Keith Haring. On my bedroom wall, there is a big painting of him. 
I am paiting almost every day, but besides that I am also an ordinairy college student, who likes to go out with friends and have fun. 

Making art has been one of my biggest passions for many years. It has become part of my life. I always find it difficult to explain where the artistic ideas come from. For me making art comes naturally, whether I am painting on canvas, on a ceramic vase, or even doing some challenging projects. My style distinguishes me from my peers.

It is fulfilling to see that my art gets broad attention and acceptation.  I always receive positive responses and not just from my peers.  

I always keep an eye on my great idols, like Ilan Leas from the USA and Pablo Lücker from the Netherlands. They encourage me and give me advice, which I appreciate very much. Ilan once said to me: “Keep on creating and things will develop in a natural way. You are already doing that and at such a young age, your skills and body of work are going to be really impressive as an adult.”

Freedom to live and exploring your creativity without financial or emotional forces holding you back is an amazing feeling and leads to special experiences. As you enter adulthood, you will have control over your life and have the ability to pursue your genuine passions and desires, which will become clearer as you get older.” A great artist said these wise words to me once and I fully agree with him.